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We are happy to discuss our fees with seriously interested parties. They are competitive for the excellent quality of work and speed of turnaround and are based upon the size of the property and the distance we have to travel to measure it.
As a guide, fees for corporate clients, for plans to be used in agents sales brochures, will normally range from £80 (for say a 2000 sq.ft. house) upwards, plus travel expenses and any other necessary disbursements.
Where we prepare floor plans from architects drawings there is a minimum fee of £35 and a 2000 sq.ft. house would typically be about £60.

We always supply a draft copy for you to approve or amend, but even after you have approved and a final clean copy has been supplied, if an error is discovered or a further alteration is found to be required, then we will make the necessary alteration and supply an updated file, usually without further charge.

The fees for Lease plans and Licensing plans are a little higher to reflect the extra information and detail that is required.

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