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Plans from site visit

The majority of the plans we produce are from our own site visit, this ensures the most accurate and effective presentation. Upon receipt of instructions we arrange access to the property and confirm to you when this is done. We arrange the visit for as soon as possible to ensure the minimum of delay. On our visit to the property we take all the necessary measurements (using a laser measure) so that we can both draw the plan accurately and provide (if required) the principal room dimensions on the plan. Usually within 24 hours of our visit we are able to supply a draft of the floor plan, for you to consider what amendments you may require (perhaps changes to the suggestions we have made for room labels).

Depending upon your display requirements, plans may be produced in the best scale with one floor to a page, or, in a smaller scale, the floors can be shown together on a single page. In order to best serve your objective, we will normally show detail such as kitchen surfaces, sanitary ware, built-in cupboards, etc. On receipt of your amendments we supply one or more files of the floor plan that you can insert into your brochure, provide to your printer, and/or post on your web site.

Whereas the majority of the plans we produce are of houses and flats, we can also produce plans for offices, shops, pubs, warehouses, etc.


Plans from:
Site visit
Architect’s drawings
Your own sketches

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